By contributing pocket change in exchange for guided meditation, we might create greater change around the globe.

During my post-graduate studies in counselling psychology, I travelled to the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania to work with young women in the field of mental health care. When I arrived in July of 2011, however, I learned that the support program had fallen through as many of the girls had dropped out to work on the streets.

Although several girls and single women in the community were struggling with mental health concerns, I learned their biggest challenge was their inability to financially support themselves or their children. So, my efforts went into fundraising for small business start-ups to support the basic needs of women in the communities of Sanyaa Juu and Kwasadala.

When I returned for a visit in 2019, it was apparent that many of the ladies had experienced improvements in their mental health as a result of having a greater sense of autonomy in their lives. As such, they expressed wishes to grow their businesses, continue improving their mental health, and empower more women to do the same. So, at their request, I introduced them to the practice of meditation.

Their positive responses inspired me to come up with the idea for “Meditation for Change.”

By creating dedicated meditation practices for each of the women in Kwasadala, and sharing these videos online, funds are raised for small business start-ups to help a growing number of women.

In providing group meditation training for the women themselves, they were able to develop a skill to help relieve stress around running a business, as well as increase their sense of connectedness.

All of this is made possibly by partnering with the women of Kwasadala, who have now founded Tunaweza Wakinamama, a grassroots organization created by women, for women. Through the establishment of a village community bank program, they hope to reach as many women as possible in their village.      

On my YouTube channel, you will find my collection of meditations as dedicated to the women. I ask that donations be made to help provide education, training, and small-business start-ups for the ladies.

Please share my project to help spread the word about my cause. Your support can make a world of difference for the women of Tanzania, and it would mean the world to me!